Complete Basic Twenty Minute Lip Technique A to Z

Complete Basic Twenty Minute Lip Technique A to Z
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Complete Basic Twenty Minute Lip Technique A to Z

The 20 minute lip video is the finest Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Technique in the world.
The video features master cosmetic tattoo artist John Hashey, he will take you through a comprehensive
classroom setting that will fully explain the techniques to produce lips that are second to none.
John covers proper needle configurations and techniques and demonstrates the techniques in the classroom
and then takes you on to the most awesome live lip technique demonstration ever filmed for the artist.
Close-up photography puts you right up close and personal so you can see the needles enter the skin from
start to finish. Now available on VHS or DVD.

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Reviewed by lynncarnation
09/16/2013 - 01:00:20 PM
This is my first year in cosmetic tattooing after I went to training with another company. This video went into more detail and points then my school training, which I appreciated..

I was getting disappointing results in my lip practicing, and I would pass on lip procedure jobs because of this. This video has helped improve my understanding with the lip procedure, and with my machine. This was also a must as an addition to my training, because I can watch it over and over, unlike school where I can only go back review what I learned with written notes.